How long does it typically take to complete a monument sale?

Each and every sale is as different and unique as the families we serve.

Ultimately a cemetery's foundation installation timeline will dictate when the finished memorial is set in place.  Most foundations are completed in the spring, summer and fall.  When choosing from in stock items memorials can typically be processed and installed in 8 to 10 weeks.

Custom memorials or atypical shaped stones tend to take longer as they will be quarried for your family specifically and can take closer to 16 18 weeks for completion.

What are my choices for design of my memorial?

Of course we have a design catalog for suggestions, but we also encourage our customers to get out to their local cemeteries for ideas and snap photos of design elements that they like.

We also prompt customers to think of ideas that best reflect their loved ones interests whether it be a profession, hobby or interest.  Personal, custom tributes are an area we feel especially proud to offer our customers with hand drawn, one of a kind artworks.

What are my payment options?

Pertee Monuments accepts, cash, check or Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Upon placing an order with us we require at least half down of the total package price but you are welcome to pay in full.  If you place a deposit the balance is due before installation of the memorial in the cemetery.  If you require a visit with us upon completion to inspect and double check the final product you are most welcome to do so.

If you feel that you may need longer than they typical 8 to 10 weeks for completion to pay your balance we often suggest ordering in the late fall as most winter time orders will not be set until Spring allowing for a longer payment period.

What is the process for ordering a final date installation for a monument already installed in the cemetery?

Quite often the decision is made to pre plan.  Meaning your monument will be delivered to the cemetery without a date of passing by one or more of it's owners.

In that case we have a team of gentlemen who travel to your cemetery with a mobile sandblasting unit, doing the work right on site and never disturbing the existing memorial.

The final date cost cannot be added to the initial purchase price of the memorial but can only be ordered when the date is known by calling our office to initiate the proper paperwork.

Final date installs can be done in the warmer months as long as we have a consistent amount of days above 50 degrees but typically April through October.  You are welcome to order date dates all year long though.  We'll simply hold onto them until the weather is appropriate for the work.