About Pertee Monuments

Our History

In the 1970's, Troy J. Pertee Sr. (T.J.), started Pertee Monument Foundations, installing foundations in township, village, city and church cemeteries in Wayne County and surrounding counties.

Working through 1970's with foundations, T.J. was able to get acquainted with more cemeteries, caretakers and monument dealers, particularly Newman Monuments (corner of 585 and Portage Rd. Wooster), Where he helped George Newman start his stencil cutting and sandblasting through the 1980's.  Which he later purchased.

In 1979, T.J.'s son Jim graduated and got interested in the sandblasting, artwork, stencil cutting and memorial design side of the business. Working at Newman Monuments through the 1980's, T.J. and Jim worked and learned the ropes of the monument business to eventually start their own in 1991 with T.J.'s wife, Dianne, running the office. 

In 2005, 7 years prior to the passing of co-owner, T.J.'s wife, Jim's mother Dianne, grand-daughter Nicole Pertee-Guthrie was hired to take over all of the office responsibilities, wholesales, retail sales, and online sales.

In 2015, the reins of the business were handed down to T.J.'s son Jim where he and his daughter Nikki continue to grow the business in the conservative, customer oriented fashion that T.J. and Dianne had intended from the start.

They have built a thriving, three-generation family business with an unbeatable reputation and true love for their work.