Pertee Monuments does any style or type of lettering in their shop, or in the field. We have two mobile units that can be taken to the site and perform the lettering or art.
There is an in-shop artist that can reproduce, create or enlarge any image that the customer desires. Leslie Berry has years of experience in drawing and design.
The Final Death Date on a Pertee Monument should be finished by us to ensure exact duplication of hand cut letter style. A computer death date on a hand crafted stone does not match. Our mobile unit also provides us with the service of lettering an existing monument in the cemetery without extracting the stone.

Our Services

In addition to monuments, we also offer a wide variety of services.

In all monument sales, Pertee Monuments can include the cost of foundation installation for the stone to be set upon. In most instances, the cemetery where a person is buried has provisions for their employees to dig the foundation hole and set the cement for the foundation. Pertee Monuments uses the cemetery's cost formula to arrive at the amount to be paid. If the cemetery does not do their own foundations, then Pertee Monuments will provide the service. In either instance, Pertee Monuments allows for the cost to be paid along with the cost of the stone. This allows for the fastest turn-around time of purchasing the stone and it being placed in the cemetery. In some cases, a new foundation is needed under an existing stone which entails removal of the stone, old foundation reconstruction and replacement of the stone. A nice formed foundation gives the monument its best look and a 3 inch collar provides protection from cemetery equipment.

Granite and marble monuments that have been vandalized or are showing wear from years of exposure can be restored by repairing, cleaning and engraving. Pertee Monuments offers the full service to restore these stones. They also have the equipment to repair some of the stones in the cemetery. Other repairs can be made by bringing the stone into the shop. We have the experience of doing hundreds of restorations in the past years. Some monuments need cleaned with a liquid concentrate and some are cleaned with the sand and blasting unit. Some monuments also may need straightened and leveled with slate.

Pertee Monuments